My Mom Is Here…

My mom is here.

This means a bunch of stuff… It means that I am fed and not cooking!  It means that I eat all the time… even if I am not hungry!

It means that laundry is caught up… It means that there is laundry happening all the time!  It means that I see a shirt or sweater that I forgot about!  It means that all the socks are paired.  It means that Sanj’s dress socks are overflowing out of his drawer.

It means that Josh is not clinging to me.  He loves my mom as much as me.  He even told me,  “I love Amamma and you the same!”  He sleeps with her.  He hollers for her to wipe his bum.  He kisses her with his sticky ice cream lips and she giggles.

It means that I hear all about the Bollywood scene.  My mom loves her Indian movies.  She tells me the stories as if I am a huge fan. I am not.  I find the movies way to long and bothersome to read subtitles for 3 hours.  Yet, my mom loves her movies.

It means that she will look through my books to find a new one that interests her.  She is a beach read/ romantic novel type.  If she finds one that she likes, she will re-read it over and then again.

It means that my house will be very warm.  My mom is always cold.  She is always layered.  So, the thermostat will be up a few degrees.

I think she exhausts herself while she is here.  Yet I know she also sleeps well.

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