Superbowl Sunday… and Noise… and Hockey

My kids are driving me crazy.

Maybe because I have been with them all weekend, 24/7.

Maybe because I have not had a moment alone.

Maybe because they are lazy, excited and likely over-tired.

I am ready for Monday, but not really.

Sanj and Max fly in around 5 pm.

Josh was up at 6:30 a.m.  He stayed awake.

Then there was the morning rush to get out the door for hockey practice.

I got groceries while the boys were at practice.

We are having company for the afternoon.

Then I always make a crazy super bowl supper filled with bad carbs and things that make your fingers sticky.

I have a fun cupcake football thingy for dessert.   I love cupcakes.  Especially super pretty ones.  I love white cake.  With vanilla ice cream.

My boys are loud.  I need hearing aids… but not to hear… rather to turn down the volume.

My brother called…  he used to write a funny blog… nowadays he is all professional (good stuff yet not as funny).


Alright.  I am about to put a movie on to quiet the noise of the boys.

I finished this book… it was a beach read… a love story.  I am embarassed to say that I love romance novels.   Not the smutty ones that use words like loin, throbbing, climax. lol

Yet I love romance novels.  I love an easy read… that leaves me feeling happy.

I guess that is why I read one after reading a fiction that is usually intense… such as A Fine Balance.

I am off to make my super bowl supper.

GO Steelers!

(But I really don’t care!)

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