Absolutely Frazzled!

That’s me.  Last night, I lay in bed listening to the wind howling!  It sounded so pretty and cold… and I was grateful to be in a warm house.

Then the boys came home from hockey…

“Mommy, the driveway is covered with the drifting snow.  I don’t think you will be able to get out in the morning.”

Since today was packed with places I needed to be at… I decided that it couldn’t that bad.

I backed the van up… said a quick prayer (even though I know God expects me to use my common sense… that was lacking)… and took a run down the drive.

We made it to the middle and then we came so a slow halt.

I am stuck.

The snow is knee deep.

I have a meeting I am suppose to run… at 8:45 am.

I made dentist appointments for all the boys from 10:30- 12pm.

I am stuck.

Since Sanj is always here… I have no idea how to use the snow blower.

Sanj gives Tyler the instructions… but Tyler is too overwhelmed to listen.

I am frazzled.

Our snow plow guy is unreachable.

CAA won’t tow me out if the drive is not clear.

Thank you, God for kind -hearted friends.

A former Rhema dad who lives down a  bit is here now.

I think I am being rescued.

Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Heather Down says:

    Lovely picture! Hope you and your family enjoyed Sanj’s birthday!

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