Night Night

Wow… I am tired!

It’s 7:30 pm… the 2 youngest are out for the night…

2 middle are off to hockey…

my oldest is at a friends…. (what’ new and no school tomorrow)…

and my 11 year old, Max.. just met Alex Ovechkin (hockey player for the Washington Capitals), in Tampa, where he is on his 10 year trip.

The pressure!   As mentioned before, each boy, as they turn 10 years of age, gets to go on a trip with their dad.  All the boys have chosen Florida… for the warmth and for the cheap hockey tickets for great seats.

Sanj has scored huge… booking the right hotel where the players are.

Wow!  Max, I am sure, I just beaming!

Tyler got to met Sidney Crosby!

Jordan got to met Matt Steen and Eric Stall.

When you are Canadian hockey playing boy… these guys are larger than life.

Me… I am grateful that the house is so quiet I can hear the wind howling.

I am grateful for a new Grey’s Anatomy tonight!

I am grateful for helpful friends and teammates that are willing to provide rides when needed.

I chatted with my dearest cousin on Facebook tonight.  That made my night.  How much I love him… (Ujjal…)

Tomorrow is a busy day.

Morning meeting at the school… then all the boys have a dentist appointment.
Obviously, I wasn’t thinking when I booked that!

Then… it’s the WEEKEND!

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