My sons for the most part are not bookworms. This is frustating seeing as Sanj and I love to read. Occasionally they will ask for a book and I am always taken back by the craziness that seems to amuse them!

This is the book Tyler is currently reading…”Urgum… The Axe Man” and he will laugh out loud and come read me a line… for example this book is “a riotously funny saga packed with barbarians on horseback, bizarre creatures, interfering gods, man-eating plants and a very disgusting lavatory. ” I used to be so rigid about what they read… but now am glad when they just read!
Another favorite series is Captain Underpants!

So here is a line from Tyler’s book…”A single gassy release from the back of a unicorn could poison every living thing for miles around….” He is cracking up as he shares this with me.

Then they ask if The Kite Runner was a good book? 🙂

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