What is a Midlife Crisis?

Over the past months I have been going through a lot of changes inwardly. Things that fulfilled me in the years past have now become more of a chore. I have not experienced being unsettled in such a long time these emotions have sent me on quite a journey. After seeing my doctor (who is wonderful) I realized that so much of what I am going through is actually normal to some degree. There is an actual Midlife Metamorphosis that happens to women between the ages of 42-47. I am a couple of years early but nevertheless this is where I am at.

It is a time of reevaluating life as I know it. Josh is not a baby anymore. I am leaving years of that phase behind and so I am redefining me. This is so scary, strange and yet kind of neat. The definition of midlife crisis ” is a sense that the values that have guided you for many years no longer hold meaning. The next stage is identifying old parts of yourself that you’ve suppressed. Those needs and desires can become very important at midlife. They start to take on great power.”

I really thought that I was going crazy. The history of my family scares me so much that I find myself constantly grilling myself to see if I am “normal” which of course I know is relative… but nevertheless…

I am realizing that I am on a journey physically, emotional and especially spiritually. I am so thankful for a doctor that is not afraid to ask the tough questions and wait patiently for me to be able to find the answers I so need to find to metamorphosis into the person I am suppose to be. She is a solid Christian so she holds me accountable in that sense too. Neat, eh?

(Maybe a midlife person shouldn’t be saying “neat).

I will share with you this journey, what I learn and what I do to grow. I am not sure who reads this blog, but if you have comments or thoughts I would love to hear them too.

40 here I come! Lord, Help ME!

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2 Responses to What is a Midlife Crisis?

  1. kumardixit says:

    The good news is that everybody goes through mid life crisis. Which means you are not alone, and are normal. Now you just need to work through it. That is where the journey continues. Hang in there. You are deeply loved.

  2. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    Maybe a midlife person who was once an AMERICAN shouldn't be ending sentences with "eh?"

    If you are going through your mid life crisis now, does that mean Sanj went through his about 10 years ago?