25 years…

This weekend was Sanj’s 25th alumni from high school. He had 2 friends from high school stay with us, Emily and Janette.
It was a great weekend for Sanj to reunite with yesteryear and renew friendships that meant a lot to him. What was interesting to me was more the whole church thing. Sanj said out of 20 people only 2 were still in the church. Someone missed the boat. Friday night vespers was a recap of the school’s history and then followed by a “time of trouble… the last days are upon us…”sermon. I felt sad that the people who planned the weekend didn’t seem to realize that they were preaching to the choir!

It is also sad for people to not understand that just because one has left a specific denomination does not mean that one has left God. You can not go thru years of Christian schooling and not remember what you were taught. As an adult, it is simply a choice to believe and have a faith that works for you as an adult… it may be different than what you were raised with but different doesn’t have to be wrong.

For me, since I do not focus so much on a specific denomination, I have grown as a Christian in a way I never did focusing on church. It was interesting to see that most people came back for was nostalgic memories, not to be brought back to church. Sanj singing and playing with his friends was more of a spiritual experience than the sermon.

I am not putting down anyone that is fulfilled with a denominational experience. There is a lot of positive that is parting of being in a specific religion but it is not for everyone. It shouldn’t be an assumption that leaving a church is the end of a person’s salvation.

OK reading this back I am sounding preachy. Sorry.

25 years was a long time and then again it was only yesterday. It is amazing how much those years are still so part of who they have become. It was great to meet wonderful people…a couple of half sisters too! 🙂

I wonder what experiences the boys will experience in their coming years and the people it will mold them into.

Thanks Janette, Emily and Greg for sharing the weekend with us. Thanks for being a big part of who Sanj was and taking him back there for a visit. Thanks for welcoming who he is today…hope you get some sleep.

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2 Responses to 25 years…

  1. em says:

    Your writing is divine….and your half-sister is sitting stranded in the Winnipeg airport due to a computer "glitch" on the aircraft. It must be the same weird energy that caused the lights to flicker out last night (don't forget to get the wiring checked out, Sanj.)
    Being with you two this weekend has brought so many emotions to the surface in me….a huge one being love. It is such a powerful emotion. Thank you for sharing your home and your hearts. Words can't express my gratitude. I still get tears in my eyes thinking about this last weekend.

  2. em says:

    Hi Reema & Sanj,

    Thank you sooo much for letting Emily and I stay with you in your home this weekend. The experience was very profound for me just watching the three high school friends reconnect and act both childish and very mature, but most impressively in a loving way. It was a privilege to be part of their experience and also have an insight into their previous lives.
    Your hospitality was amazing and it would have been great to have spent more time with you and the gorgeous boys.

    Thanks you for the late night curry with strange non meat. Excellent!

    Cheers and take care