The Definition of Vegging Out…

I am missing my husband.


It seems he has been gone a lot lately.

Max vegging out!

It is blustering cold outside.  Yesterday it was warm and beautiful.  Today it is -18 celcius    with the wind.  The wind is fierce!

I am feeling restless… like we need to go out and do something. ¬†Maybe go to the in-laws… the perk would be a free meal! ūüôā ¬†Maybe tomorrow.

Yet, I think that the boys, especially the older ones, are relishing the down time.  They are surprisingly quiet, vegging out in various places in the house.

Is vegging not a word? ¬†It always is red after I use it… as spell check is shouting out: ERROR! ¬† To veg out: ¬†To do absolutely nothing that is required. ¬†To relax. ¬†To give into the laziness that allows one to relax. ¬†Vegging… I love to veg out, ¬†especially with a book or a movie and some yummy snacks.

Yesterday, I was reprimanding Josh about something, telling him to use his manners.

In his exasperated tone, he said, “Do I have to use my manners all the time?”

Poor child, it is a lot of work to use manner and be polite all the time!

Sometimes I write things down, for my self, so that I don’t forget the cuteness of my kids… such as the other day, Max came home and mentioned that they were studying about something (I forgot what he said) and it apparently called attention to the fact that Peterborough is a predominantly white town.

Max looked at me and said, “Do you know that Peterborough has mostly white people?”

I laughed and said, “Max, you are only noticing that now?”

He replied, “I don’t look at that kind of thing.”

I love that inncence that kids have. ¬†Don’t look at the color of a person, my sweet Max! ¬†You have it right!

Look at their heart.

It’s Saturday afternoon… and we are just vegging out for the day! ¬†I love a day with no where to be!

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  1. tovah says:

    yes i am like that i am what i call color blind in sense everyone appears to me the same lik how I did not notice my friend was white and he hubby who is darked skinned and her children are also darked skinned ( is that all right to say) I thought they were just all the same no real color.

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