Family Day…

Happy Family Day!

Yes, it is a made up holiday but I love a do nothing day.  The boys slept in except Josh, who had legos in my bed and was playing beside me, every once in a while, asking me when we were going to get up because it was morning out.

Sammy has the flu.  He is burning up. He is hallucinating a bit.  Last night he woke me up and said he couldn’t breathe.  This scared me as it was 3 am and I was alone with the kids.  When my Sammy is sick, he is very sucky.  I’d almost cut off my arm then have him sick.  So I didn’t take the breathe thing seriously.  A couple of Advils and he was asleep.  I will take him tomorrow to make sure he doesn’t have pneumonia.  I will also be praying really hard that the others do not get it.

I am allergic to myself.  I didn’t realize that the lotion I put on, one that has a yummy coconuty smell that reminds me of being in Hawaii, is driving me nuts.  My nose keeps itching and protesting the smells that are on my body.

I hate when people douse themselves with perfumes and sprays.  I am one of those people that is really does bother.  I feel like I have to sneeze.  My senses are irritated.  I want to yell out that you stink in your attempt to smell pretty.  So, right now, I am allergic to myself.  I’ll have to find another way to bring the yummy memories of Hawaii into my daily world.

It’s a day that everything is closed … I didn’t really feel like getting groceries yesterday, so today calls for some creativity in my making of meals.  One of the greatest things about Indian cooking is that you can whip up anything.  I am making a veggie meat curry… a family favorite.  I also have spaghetti for the those that aren’t interested in the rice and curry.

The boys watched Step It Up 3… wow… how do they move like that?

I really wanted to that the boys to a movie and there is nothing really interesting out… except the Justin Bieber Movie… which they are apparently adamant about not seeing.  Yet that night, I found myself having a dream about Justin Bieber… lol and how disturbing!  When I told the boys, they were even more disturbed! 🙂

OK… I am just rambling.

Happy Family Day!

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