Have you ever had a child you don’t know how to parent?

This is my 6th child…


He is a hard one.  He believes the world revolves around his needs and wants.

That is one the benefits or drawbacks of being the youngest of 6.

He knows how to work everyone.

He has this dynamic personality that his brothers just can’t resist.

He has no real fears and yet he has the most unrealistic fears.

When I reprimand him or punish him, he is so offended.  He will argue and be angry at me that I dare punish him.  He will argue back… and let me know just why I am wrong or why he had to do what he did.

He is so offended.

Then there Josh when he is in public…

He seems to have no social awareness or fear.

We were at the movies, we were early.  I was on the phone taking a call about the security system at Sanj’s office.  Josh was chattering with the person a few rows down.  I heard her say, “Just a minute and I WILL sit down.”

I looked at Josh… and then at her… “Did you just tell her to sit down?”

I was appalled.  None of my other kids would have ever talked to a stranger or thought to talk back.  Yet my Josh had no qualms about doing so.

I recognized the lady… and apolized for my son’s behavior.

Then I proceeded to reprimand Josh and explain that he was being rude.

He looked at me and said, “But she wouldn’t sit down and I couldn’t’ see.”

We were at the Swish Cleaning Co. and I was picking up some things.  Josh had to go to the bathroom.  I told the lady we’d be back.  Upon returning, the lady was busy helping another customer.

Josh was so offended.  “We were here first,” he says in a not so quiet voice.

I explained that we left and so the other person was being helped.

Josh was not impressed.

Later, we were at Shopper’s Drug Mart… waiting in line to pay.  Suddenly it hit met that I forgot the item that I had come in for.  I told Josh to come, we had to go get something else.  I didn’t really pay attention to his reply (which was “I’ll wait in line”) becasue he hardly ever leaves me side.

I went to look for the item needed and then realized that Josh wasn’t glued to me.

Josh, where are you?” I called.

“I’m over here,” he replied.

He was standing in line, holding our spot in line.  There was no way he was going to give up his place in line.

I have to admit, it made me want to laugh, it was so comical watching this little guy determined not to be jilted of his spot in line, again.

I never had a child like this.

He has no social fears, it seems.

He is so head strong.

He wears me out.

How do I parent this child?

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