A Much Needed Break…

How much I have missed writing!

It is such a gray day outside.  (Why are there two ways to spell gray or grey)?

It makes me want to crawl back into bed.  I am so tired.  My diabetic med is making my stomach sick.  I felt pregnant all day yesterday.  🙁  It is back to being cold outside and they are calling for a bit of snow.

Sanj is off (yes, again) to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow.  I think he is enjoying his escapes from us.  I miss him when he is gone.  I plan on having a very low key weekend.  It will include laundry… and maybe catch Mars Needs Moms.

We had a great March Break.  We went to Mont Tremblant, Quebec.  What a beautiful drive.  We went through back country roads and the drive was gorgeous.

The mountain was huge.  I thought I was seeing the top of the bunny hill… yet was decieved as the top of the mountain was past the clouds!

The village we stayed at had a European feel to it.  I loved it!  Great Shopping!  I found the greatest pair of red boots… with no heel.  They weren’t cheap but if I didn’t get them, I know I would have regretted it.   I love a great find!

We ate at some yummy restaurants.  The boys enjoyed wandering … they did some swimming, skiing, window shopping and actual chilling.

It was just a wonderful break all around.

Saturday we spent in Ottawa, our nation’s capital.  We drove past my old stomping ground… the little church school I taught at, my old apartment and our favorite little Thai restaurant… that was still there.

Saturday night we went to a NHL game… Tampa against the Senators.  This was Josh’s first game. He enjoyed the snacks the best. The game went into overtime, much to my chagrin… I can only handle hockey in small doses.

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