13 More Sleeps!

It’s Friday!  It’s sunny (though very cold) and the weekend is in sight with no real agenda!


I must say that I am not missing hockey at all!  🙂  The boys, on the other hand, are now talking about summer hockey.  They literally live and breath it!

My sweet hubby is off in sunny, warm Phoenix, AZ.  Yes, another conference!  He did play a round of golf, though… I think he enjoys these little getaways.  I am sure he enjoys the quietness and alone time as much as he enjoys escaping the office and all the dynamics there.

He will be back just in time to celebrate our little man’s 6th birthday!  Here’s the thing… 3 out of the six boys are born on the 27th or 28th.  So Josh… I’m not a hundred percent sure if he was born on March 27th or 28th… but we are going with the 28th this year because Sanj is away the 27th!  I’ll look it up on his birth certificate. lol  I finally got it down that Zach’s is on the 28th of January.

My tummy has been kind of rumbly and had me nauseous all week.  Not a pleasant feeling.  It brings pangs of fear of pregnancy back.  Of course I know I am NOT pregnant.  Yet, being so for so many years… it is always a fear that there will be a surprise.  All six pregnancies were planned and wanted.

Then there comes a time when you are finished.

That is when panic settles in.  If I am pregnant… that means …  and it goes on and on until I have exhausted myself.

Would I be happy if I did get pregnant and it was a girl at this point?

Probably not.


So… I sit back and await my stomach to settle.

Tomorrow I invited ourselves to my mother-in-law’s for lunch.  She always makes Indian food for Sabbath lunch.  I have some stuff that needs to be dropped off there.

I call and let her know we want to invite ourselves over.  I let her know it is just me and the kids.

She asks me, “How come Sanj never comes over anymore?”

How come I get asked the loaded questions?

13 more sleeps till I am off to Florida!

I am so excited!  Ok… I am really excited and a whole bunch nervous.

Friday we are in session from 4-9:30 pm.

Saturday we are in class from 8am-7:30pm!

Sunday again from 8am-4 pm.

That is a whole lot of class time!  Especially on Saturday!  That’s as long as I was in labour with Josh!  My ADHD side is stressing out!

Sanj keeps laughing.  He knows me so well.

I am sure that I will be fine.  Right?  🙂

I am so looking forward to learning and writing.  There will be time to write.  No interruptions.  How cool is that?

Anyways, 13 sleeps!!!

Sorry my post has no substance… but I just need to write today.

It feels so good.

Happy Friday!


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