July 4th, 2014

17 years!

This summer, July 3rd, Sanj and I will be celebrating 17 years of being married.

That made me think of 3 years from now… our 20th anniversary!

I want a party.  It will include a limo, a real wedding/anniversary cake, real invitations and a banquet hall.

What does that have to do with anything?  Well, we got married on a really small budget.  So these are corners we cut… our invitations were simply on white paper done at the printers, our cake (the wedding cake) was rented and fake, with a sliver to place the knife through, there was no limo (although a sweet friend chauffeured us in his father’s fancy car) and we turned a gym into a reception hall.
Of course, none of those things mattered… then or now.  I was so dreamy eyed to be marrying my dream guy.  I actually wrote in a journal years earlier to God, if I could have Sanj as my hubby then that would be great.


How much I love this man.   I definitely love him a zillion times more now… (now that I have him molded and shaped just as I like him)… lol

I love that we have built this life we have together… every bit of it.

I love that he is in my future when I think of tomorrow… and beyond.

So… a party is what I want…. to celebrate the love we share.

A limo,  a cake and invitations… those are things that means … it’s all good.

Then I have this idea… in the summer of that year, July 3, 2014…. well that weekend, which means its July 4-6th… we will invite all those that are loved by us to join us for a party!

Sanj is fully expecting me to renew his “lease” … lol  How fun is that?  A lease renewal party!

I would love to get all my bridesmaids to come for a girls weekend at a cottage somewhere.

Girlfriends… are you hearing me?

I had 8 bridesmaids… Linda, Ellen, Ziggy, Shirley, Rhonda, Cynthia, Sharon, Dianne… all of whom are in my life in some way today.  While a couple are horrible at staying in touch… (Clearing my throat… no names)… they are all in my life.  How great is that?  How much I love each of them.

Sanj asked why I am planning this now?  I love a party!  I love having all those I love around me.  So… I am planning already.  I hope you can come!

Mark your calendars… July 4-6th, 2014

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  1. Reema, I love that you are already planning your party, this way you will get it just the way you want it. I would love to be able to attend, I have wanted to revisit Canada ever since I took 2 SVA school trips to Toronto. Terry & I just had our 45th anniversary and when we have our 50th, God willing, I would love to have my own party. Your picture is darling, you already had a slue of children around you, guess that was a hint or things to come. I always wanted 6 children, and if we could have afforded it, we would have. Children even with all the trauma and drama they bring to your lives are God’s blessings. Now we are getting to do it all over again, with our 6 grandchildren, so it has all worked out. I can even promise grandchildren can be even better then your own, cause you do not have the whole responsibly of them. Just spoil and return!!! I love reading your thoughts and keeping up with your lives, I don’t always find the time, but go back and get caught up once in a while. May God continue to bless you and Sanj and your adorable boys. Love and hugs, Luette

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