Sleepovers, Pizza, Popcorn and Movies…

It’s Friday!!!  This weekend is a “I have no plans at all” kind of weekend!

I LOVE this kind of a weekend.  My dearest is off in AZ so I am single mommy … if he was home, no doubt we would have had friends over.

So… the boys are having a sleep-over.  Sammy and Jordan are off at a sleep-over…   Tyler has a friend over.  Max and Zach, who never seem to have friends over, much less a sleepover… are beyond excited!  They are actually giddy! lol

So… every one is happy.

It is funny how the dynamics changes when a few of the brothers are gone.  Sammy, being the oldest and the most outgoing… seems to always find the other boys friends following him, eventually.  This is very frustrating for the boy who has the friend over.  Sigh.  So with 2 brothers gone… it is just the right mix for this sleepover.

There’s pizza and a movie… The new Yogi Bear movie for later.  Cookies and Popcorn too.

Me:  I got an Indian frozen dinner… not sure how good it will be … but the soul wants comfort food.  Then I have a couple of chick flicks.  I am counting down for Josh to go to bed… he is being a typical little brother, following everyone around… being a nuisance.  🙂

I love an evening when everyone is content.

Josh was given a bunch of VHS videos.  We have a little tv that is just sitting there with a built in VHS player.  I heard Josh, as he was walking around with the big tape… “Max, could you put this in the computer?” lol

I love the VHS… they don’t scratch.  They are pretty durable.  So, he is thrilled to have these movies.  I thought I would look at pawn shops to see if I could collect a few more.

Oh how much I love a Friday night!


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