On This Day…

On this day, Easter Morning, 2005… 9:15 a.m. came a little gift…

Joshua Daniel Sukumaran

He took forever to make his way out of my body.  12 hours… me contracting every 5 minutes, Sanj snoring in a chair beside me, believing I had it under control… finally a touch of Pitocin convinced him it was time.

I was not impressed with him… from the start.  I was mad.  What took him so long to come out?  Thus began our crazy love story.

I love him and yet needed a break… he loved me and as I “pushed” him away… he clung to me all the more.

My sweet Josh… aw, but those aren’t just the adjectives that I can use…

loving, persistent, quirky, needy, touchy, hilarious, stylish, weird, gregarious, shy, loud, lazy, determined, loved, cherished, annoying, yummy, sweetness, big, confident, beautiful boy.

God knew I would likely keep trying for a girl… so He gave me instant birth control in Josh.

Our family is totally taken with this little being.  He has learned the art of wrapping each and every one of his family member around his fingers.

I could lay beside him forever as his love just oozes out of his body onto me.  He lets you know that he needs you.  He loves very hard.  He fights very hard.  He laughs very loud.  He has the best giggle ever.  He is very naughty.  He attracts trouble.

My Josh is just delicious.

It was 6 years ago today that this little boy rocked my world.  He turned it upside down.  It has never been right since that day and yet… I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Dearest Joshua,

You are the best!  I am so glad that Jesus gave you to me.  (God, You and I will fight this one out later…)  I love you so much.  I love watching you grow each day… and my love for you grows… as you fill more and more of your place in my heart.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Joshua.

You are one of a kind.

You are a special gift I get every day…

I love you more than you can imagine.

Happy 6th Birthday!


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  1. Mrs. Herder says:

    Hey Joshua

    You are a special gift, to your family and to the world! God knows all about you Josh, and has your whole life planned out…….before the first day of your life even began 6 years ago. He has good,…..NO, GREAT! plans for you.
    Have a very Happy Birthday Josh.
    See you at school.

    Mrs. Herder

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