Bedazzling (Title by Max)..

Today was one of those days…

You know the kind, hanging out in bed till almost noon… some of the boys and I watched a movie…  then made our way downstairs for brunch… then puttered some more… then we went to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  I loved this movie.  I was sitting there hoping that this movie hit home with my boys.

The two older brothers got into it.  Tyler punched Sammy in the nose.  Sammy was so furious.  I was so shocked.  What…

Sammy said a bad word.  That was as shocking as Tyler punching him in the nose.

I am so not cut out to parents my boys.

What planet did they come from?

At Tyler… well and at the rest of the boys… “If you EVER raise your hand in anger at one of your brothers EVER again... I’ll…”
( I wanted to say some thing fierce… like I’ll take you down!!!”  Yet… I know that wasn’t really the answer).

So… I grounded him from his life… till further notice.

At Sammy… “If you EVER use that kind of language you will be restricted to G rated movies till you are out of this house.”  It doesn’t help that he has friends that use that word… yet I know he was testing me as he said it… he saw my face and my reaction.

He knows better.  I told him that language is that of those that are ignorant.   There is no need for language.  Especially in my house and around me.

So… these two are mad at each other.

In this movie, which was about brothers… and ultimately brothers stick together… I saw one  bro looking at the other.

It sucks… that they fight as much as they don’t.  Will it get better?  Will they eventually become friends and love each other?

My friend says her two sons are each other’s best friend.

Insert my tongue sticking out here.

Diary of the Frazzled Mom due next October.

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  1. Martha says:

    I’ve been busy and haven’t kept up with your posting but just had to comment on this one. My siblings, two older sisters and a younger brother, and I fought all the time as children. Sometimes the nasty words weren’t enough and it actually got physical. Now I have no idea what it was we fought about. Maybe because we got older or because we were away from each other due to school, but things changed and my mothers wish came true. Today they are my best friends and I know that I can count on them for anything. So it can happen.

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