I mentioned that we saw “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” this last weekend… and loved the movie… yet here’s the thing, what’s up with making the Indian kid always the geeky, nerdy one?

There is so much about the people of India… and yet Hollywood seems to miss that!!!

My brother has been asked to be the Week Of Prayer speaker at the school that my mom went to in India.  It is the school that Adventist Indian parents all went to and at one time roomed together!

My mom is going with him… a dream of hers, to return to India.

How cool is that?  Since this is my mom’s 75th birthday… this trip is a great gift for her.  She hasn’t been back in 35 years.  Wow… eh?

I would LOVE to go.  I’ll be sure to buy a lotto ticket this weekend.   Money wouldn’t be the only… rather what in the world will I do with the kiddies?  It is over the summer…  what a nuisance for Sanj.  Who knows?  Maybe a lotto win of a few thousand dollars will come  through… I can clear off those bills that keep me from being totally relaxed… and then check out India myself! and hire a “mom” for the boys for that time away.

Anyways, as this trip is wistfully on my mind, I have been googling India… looking at the map… etc.  I have to admit this would be so awesome.  I read lots of Indian authors.  I love stories from the mother country.  I would have my camera attached to me the whole time!

My father still has his family, aside from his one sister, there.  I would love to really have the chance to meet them as an adult.  The last time I went to India, I was five years old.  I have random memories.  The best one was surprising my grandma… my dad’s mom.  She didn’t know we were coming.  Can you imagine the skip in her heart?

We just arrived at her place, knocked at the door and stood there.  My dad pushed us forward, so when she opened the door, it was us, the kids she saw.  She has no idea who we were.  She looked so puzzled as we called her “Takuma” (meaning father’s mother).  Then she saw my father… and it is a cherished memory…her face that turned to pure joy.

She is long gone yet I wish I had a chance to know her… really know her.

I have a flock of uncles there and another aunt.  There is a host of cousins too.  It is so weird to know I have a whole family a world away.  I don’t know them at all.  And yet, they are family.  I am sure that we share many quirks.

My dad went back to India… maybe 10 years ago… and there is this picture of his brothers and him.  They are all laying down… (why they were all laying down like this, I dunno… but..)  anyways… it is the weirdest picture… when you think of genetics…

They were all in wife beater tanks, all laying the exact same way… one arm raised and tucked under their head.  Every one of them!  It was the way my dad always lay in bed…. and apparently so did all his brothers!

It makes me wonder what other family traits there are… it makes me wonder how much of my quirks come from my dad and family.

I look a lot like my aunt… my dad’s sister.  Especially as I get older, it startles me, sometimes.

India… Family… A whole history that is a mystery to me.

I really hope that I get a chance to unravel some of those secrets!

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