April Fools!

What a busy day!

And… TGIF!

I am working really hard on the Dancing for Docs auction.  I am on a roll, right now and so it feels really good!    Great success today with some restaurants.

Great Good Neighbour meeting  today too.  I have such a great group of ladies who have such awesome ideas.

As I was brainstorming ideas ways to make Rhema part of this cause.  It is part of our mandate… as our committee, to be a Good Neighbour… and it would be great exposure.

We came up with making a great big basket of toys… all sorts of fabulous toys kids love.  (And not from the dollar store either… lol)  I think it is going to be awesome… as there isn’t an auction item that is for kids.

So… this has me excited.  If you are local and would like to donate a great item to go into our  “Toy Box” message me… as we will appreciate any contribution to this cause.

Then as I was tossing this around, I asked Sanj what he thought about us approaching churches.  There is no exposure in this kind of venue.  Maybe it is an “out of the box” thought.

Yet… how great would it be if the churches came through with a great auction item or wanted to be a sponsor at the $1000 mark or $2500?

So… I called one friend already (whose hubby is a pastor) and ran the idea by her.  She loved it.

So, I am hoping that maybe other churches will jump aboard and be part of this amazing cause.  I mean, it is OUR town, OUR hospital and OUR healthy!

So, we’ll see.

Today Josh was such a trooper… I had a 2 hour meeting with the group about the auction.  He was so good!  I was so proud.

We then went to Sanj’s to meet him for lunch.

Sanj called me at the end of his day… panicked … he couldn’t find his phone.

Sanj asked Josh.
Josh laughed!
“I played a trick on you and hid it behind the menu at the restaurant.”

Sure enough, the restaurant had it.

April Fools, Sanj!  From Josh  🙂

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