The Birthday….

Birthdays  tend to be celebrated for DAYS!

Josh turning 6 years old was no different.  First, we celebrated with the in laws… then there was the actual day… Josh had gone shopping and picked a bunch of clothing… he has a fetish for suits and ties… and then he has a love for the extreme opposite … fatigues.

This is his birthday suit… complete with shoes and sunglasses to match.  This child is such a fashionista!

Have I told you that I love this child of mine?

He is such a quirky child!

Then the celebration continued… rather than do a party at home, get gifts he didn’t need (but would have loved, of course)… we decided to do something special.

The Indian River Reptile Zoo… came to Josh’s class!  So much fun… there was a baby alligator, rat snake, turtle, bearded dragon, a huge… HUGE python!

Ok.. this is love… me holding a PYTHON?!!!

THEN… there was the birthday dinner.  Usually our family heads over to East Side Marios for our birthday celebration and the tradition is  the birthday boy gets a “pie” in his face.  Well, Josh was apprehensive about the “pie” so the waiter, awesome Justin, suggested that Max take the pie in the face for Josh! lol

And that a wrap… Joshua Daniel is officially SIX years old!

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  1. Marjorie says:

    you do birthdays in style! so much fun!!!!!!!

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