It’s in the Genes…

4 more sleeps!!!

Oh my goodness, I am so excited!

The list of things to do is growing by the minute… which makes me even more anxious…

There is laundry.  There is making all the arrangements  of care for the kids.  Then there is the stuff for the DWTS auction.  All weekend I dragged my sweet Sanj to various restaurants, as I solicited gift certificates for a package I am working on.  Imagine gift certificates for 10 family friendly restaurants.  This gift set may be called “Mom’s Night Off.”  I want it!  I was so grateful to all those that said yes… well so far every one said yes… which made my job much easier.

I find myself holding my breath, after the ask, saying a quick prayer, “Please God, don’t let them say no, please.”  Then as they say let me get some thing together, I breathe.

So as Sanj cringes as I ask… he hates this, yet he is chipping right in adding his encouragement for the manager/owner to see the reasons to benefit.  Last night as we were out to dinner, he tells the following story… his reasoning as to why I am “good” at this.


Really, as my brother says, “It’s in the genes!”  Now, this would definitely be much more enjoyable and easier for my kid brother… he was a natural even as a young kid.

One summer my father heard of a way to earn a scholarship through the church.  The details are sketchy… but basically my dad saw it as a way to get tutition money… and with almost no effort from him.

He made these apron thingies, with big pockets on the front and back… to hold the magazines we were to sell and then a place for the money.

Then my dad dropped us off at the busiest intersection in downtown Dayton and left us there for hours, to sell these magazines.  The thing about the magazines is that they were older editions and they were religious ones to boot.

So there we stood, the three of us, selling these silly magazines.  Most people, I am sure, felt sorry for us and just gave us the money, often saying, “Keep the magazine.”
My dad would find various places and drop us off.  Some times in the evening we would be dropped of at apartment complexes.

We would get in trouble if we didn’t sell a reasonable amount.  My youngest brother made the most… being little and cute and a born salesman.  We would divvy up our sales so that no one got into trouble.

I hated doing this.

Yet… we did make it… the amount to get one of the scholarships for the year.


That is why I never say no to kids that are selling something.

No matter what they are selling.

What a crazy life!

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