God Sightings

This is a picture taken by NASA with the Hubble telescope. They are referring to it as the “Eye of God”. I thought it was a neat God sighting.

In my spiritual walk I am not one of those people who have had God “speak” through them. I have had feeling, thoughts maybe even nudges but the few times I thought God was telling me something… I ended up being very mislead. So I have really tried hard to just let things reveal themselves. I know people that have said they literally felt a hand on their shoulder and knew it was God.

I complained about this to my Doctor during one of my sessions and she simply said, “You are not sitting still to let Him.” Well as annoying as that answer was there is obviously some truth in there. But I did reply, “Well God did give me the gift of ADHD! He knows I can’t sit still!” I am sure God doesn’t have favorites. (Though I must admit, it seem that way may times).

Anyway, as I am working on my relationship with God, I have decided to look for Him in the every day. Our pastor preached a sermon once on “God Sightings.” I liked that. When I stopped and looked or listened, I could see His Hand.

So I on a quest for God Sighting in my own life. It has been bothering me that I did not bother to blog this experience… so here it is… and I definitely know this was God’s intervention. As you know, I went to Maryland with Josh for my brother’s graduation. I got to the airport… ready to get this show on the road. As I get into line, the lady asked for Josh’s passport. Well we usually always drive and his birth certificate was enough. My travel agent didn’t say anything either. The lady said that she was sure that they wouldn’t let me through… but she would talk to her supervisor. All I could think about was the money that I had just spent!

Well a long story short, I had to go to the immigration room (where they enjoy causing stress), be granted a one time pass, missed my flight by 10 minutes, waited till 5 pm and missed all but the last 5 minutes of my brother’s party.

I did pray throughout this whole stressful process. I know this was a God thing because each person made sure I knew THIS never happened.

Thank you God for coming through for me! It was great to celebrate my brother’s accomplishment.

God sighting… my definition is simply things that occur with divine intervention … there is simply no other way. Well unless you believe in luck, a rabbit’s foot or karma. I have decided that it is comforting to believe in a higher power. A father that is looking out for my best interest, loving me and guiding me.

I would love to hear your God sighting if you want to share. I will share mine as I see them… this may take a while, as I am near sighted!

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