I’m So Excited…

It’s here…

One more sleep till I am off to sunny Boca Raton, Florida!

I am so excited!!!

It was such a busy day, today!  Lots to do.  As usual, I have only myself to blame!

Why would I book Josh’s dentist appointment today???

I had my haircut… it only looks this good till I wash away my hairdresser’s touch.

AND I pierced my ears!

I am such a chicken!  I mean, I gave birth 6 times naturally… grinning and bearing down! Yet knowing the gun was going to pop my ear was SO SCARY!!!

My first piecing of my ears was a bit ago.. yet the hole closed up because I didn’t wear my earrings constistently.  Now that I want to wearing earrings more often… I did them again.

I wonder what strength people who pierce other places must have!  One of my cousins (a male) has a nipple piercing!  OUCH!!!

OK… change of subject…

Tomorrow, I land around 2 pm and then have the next 24 hours to myself!  I have not had this in forever… and I mean so long, I can’t remember.  Usually I don’t go away alone or I meet up with a girlfriend.  So this is definitely a whole new experience for me.

I have some money my hubby gave me, a wad of cash… just for me to do with as I like!  How sweet is this hubby of mine?

I love shopping.  I am actually a self professed shopaholic.  Reformed.  Since the ugly word … budget.  Ugh.

So… this will be fun!

I am so grateful for my dearest husband who loves me and believes in me… and pushes me to pursue my dream.  I admit, I am a little scared.

Yet… excited.

Please pray for my safety.  Planes in the air scare me a little.  The take off and landing scare me a little bit more.

I really should be getting all the things that I need to do ready.

I am so excited!!!!

I am sure I’ll be checking in… blogging while there… so we’ll be chatting soon!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the new do!!!

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