Today is here!

Well, actually it’s almost over and then my adventure will continue tomorrow.   That’s what it feels like… a huge adventure!   I realized that I have not been alone… with me, myself and I … in many years!  Probably not since I was married!  When I do go away, I am hooking up with  a friend.

Today, I was up very early… before 4 am… excited and worked up…  as I kissed my dearest hubby goodbye, he said in his sleepy, sweet voice… “I can’t wait to read your book!”

I almost wept.  My heart started pounding… and I realized that this man believes in me more than I believe in myself.  I realized how much God has blessed me… as I live my happily ever after… (that doesn’t mean there isn’t the hard stuff… it means that we choose to always make it good).

I felt like a cool 20 something…. as I walked off the airplane (safely) and went about renting my vehicle… (an awesome red Mustang convertible), driving on the highway, in 89 Degrees of warmth.  I let out a loud holler… a Yippee… really loud and I drove down the freeway, radio blasting!

OK… then I went in search of the beach… just to sniff that salty air!  I love the smell of the ocean!

I spent a lot of time with me… something I never really do… and  you know what?  I like the me I’ve grown up to be…

Is that a weird thing to say?  Probably … if you didn’t know that for YEARS I didn’t like me.

Aw.. tomorrow will be a day of hoping to sleep in… (I hate being in a hotel room all by myself…  the scaredy cat in me comes out… I will be leaving lights on…)

Then… there will be a bit of shopping, walking on the beach, eating and then it will be 4 pm and time for my workshop!

Oh my goodness… I am so excited!

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  1. Mrs. Herder says:

    All I can say is ……..Enjoy!!!
    and hugs from the cold north.

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