It was GREAT!!!

I am back to my reality!

Life with my boys, noise, laundry, a 12 passenger van, toilet seats left up, stinky bathrooms and the never ending… “Mommy…”

And yet… there really is no place I’d rather be!

I want to share this amazing weekend with you, and yet words really aren’t enough to explain all the emotions that flowed through me.

I will admit I was really scared to walk into the workshop.  I felt very intimidated.  Insecurities that I didn’t even know existed let me know their presence!  Yet, within minutes, I was captivated.

We met in one of the lady’s lovely home.  So it was a very relaxed atmosphere.  Our teachers, Jamie and Joyce were fabulous!  They know their craft!  Lovely ladies.

I hate school.  There is no other way to say it.  It isn’t the way I learn.  So, I was very worried about how I was going to handle being still for such long periods of time.  Yet… just like when I discovered teaching as a major in university… it grabbed me.

Well, it happened again!  The workshop and the endless, abundance of information was just sucked into my being.  I couldn’t inhale it fast enough.  And… it made sense!  I had such an A-HA moment… so many times over the 36+ hours.

I learned so much about me… and my story.  How crazy is that?  I found this weekend so spiritual in a secular workshop.  I heard and saw God’s explanation  to so many of my questions so many times.  I was so emotionally Sunday as we hugged, exchanged contact information and made plans for next year.

I felt God’s goodness in my life so profoundly that I wanted to be home immediately.  I felt Him nudge me and remind me that He did promise me happiness… just in His time… and you know what… He did just that.

My story… is as much about a lost little girl seeking her father’s love as it is about a  fulfilled woman who has more love in her life than she can handle at times.

I discovered a map to guide my writing.  This was such a key element… the plot clock, as it is called.   It gave me absolute direction in my writing… which is where I was stuck.

I realized that all the chapters I’d had written over the years was my therapy.  Now I can write without the woe is me or anger.  I can write a story of seeking and finding… yet not from the source it was being sought from.  And I have been taught the tools needed to make the process a little easier.

So… as much as we were cautioned that writing a book is a huge process… 10 years is what they said it takes on average… that a best seller is a like the lottery… I am dreaming big.

I am ready to begin!

So… this gift from my hero, my dearest Sanj… it rocked!

Thank YOU!

I love you.

Good luck topping this next year!


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    you go girl

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