Wish List

I just finished book called “20 Wishes.” It was a beach read that I breezed through. I was thinking of what are things I really want to do. Some are for now with my kids, others are later with Sanj and a few are ones just for me. Reminded me of the “Bucket List” but rather than waiting till that much later in life I thought of making a list now.

1. Fly a kite with the boys. (We did this with the older boys… but haven’t done so with the younger brood).
2. Have more picnics… real ones… and just be.
3. Look for the positives in my children and let them delight me. (delight… I like that word).
4. Teach my kids to cook… the ones that really like it and I am always in too much of a hurry.
5. Go on a RV trip with the boys. Explore.
Things for Sanj and I:
6. Travel Europe (maybe with a backpack but more likely in 5 stars hotels).
7. Go on an African Safari.
8. Live on water in a warm place.
9. Beat Sanj in a round of golf.
10. Adopt a child.
Things for me:
11. Have a little 2 seater car. Lime green or red!
12. Write a book.
13. Have a book be a best seller that changes people.
14. Become a public speaker… help women empower themselves to be the best they can be.
15. Take a photography class.
Things just because:
16. Adopt a child… or a house full.
17. Be a missionary to a faraway land.
18. Learn to be really good at one sport.
19. Have a horse… learn to ride.
20. Own a store… it would be a store all for boys. Have great clothing and toys just for boys.

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One Response to Wish List

  1. em says:

    This is getting scarey! I feel like I am reading my own wish list. I can believe how many things we have in common. I want to adopt a child, go on an African Safari, own a store, live by the ocean (or warm water). I am beginning to see why Sanj and I are clicking so well again after all these years. Cause I am like his wife and he loves her dearly. Really, you can ask Greg about all these things and he will verify that I have said I wished for them all myself! Spooky.