Heaven… Here On Earth!

I survived the week!

It was touch and go for a while… but last night we had a bunch of friends over and it was the perfect way to end this week.  There is just something about filling my house with those that are special to me.  Or having new folks over to get to know better.  A full house, yummy food and knowing my boys are happy… makes life very good.

Yesterday at the boys school was Grandparents Day.  It is one of those days that is so special.  Sanj goes to the school every Friday morning and sings and plays the piano with the kids.  He had been teaching them some hymns to sing for this day.

I was sitting with a friend of mine.  We were watching her 90+ old dad as the program began.  She was worried that the noise level would begin to agitate him.  Then the kids began to sing… as they sang “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms,” her father, sitting in front of us, began, ever so slightly to sway  his head to the song. It was such a beautiful moment.  The connection of years… through a hymn.  Tears floated to my eyes as I felt so moved to see a bit of heaven here on earth.  As the children sang their hearts out, I couldn’t help be see us doing this very thing… crossing through age, gender and race … simply singing together in Heaven.

Oh, this makes me so impatient for God’s coming!

It was a great end to a crazy busy week!

This morning as we all slept in, we are serenaded by the pouring rain.  I love mornings like this, especially since Sanj wasn’t in a hurry to get up.  It is just one of those luxurious lazy mornings.

Happy Weekend, Everyone!


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