Reema Ramblings…

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

(This rainy day made to think of myself cruising around town… in my little sporty car…)

Aw… I do love a rainy day.  It gives me motivation to accomplish things at home.  Well, sometimes.   I was reading a book, “The Island” by  Elin Hilderbrand.  It was a good one, much better than “The Affair,” if you read her books.  It was about relationships, sisters, mother and daughters and the men that are in their lives.  Maybe it was a beach read…. set in Nantucket… a place I have romanticized in my head.   I had to sit in the midst of all the folded laundry and allow myself the time to finish the 5 pages left so I could concentrate  on the mundane tasks ahead of me.

Last night I, with the help of the boys, put away a million loads of laundry.  Wow, we do have a lot of clothes when they are all washed and cleaned!  Max was complaining that he had not room to put his stuff away. lol  Aw, sweet boy of mine, just give it a few days…. there will be plenty of room! lol

There is so much happening, it seems.  April, for me, has just passed by so fast!  the end of the month is fast upon us.  Then there is the last weekend in April that I am off to Michigan… to go to a graduation and meet up with my girlfriend.

It seems like I have been gone a lot.  It feels that way too.  Yet this is a rarity, in reality.  Both trips happen to be so close together.

This weekend is Easter.  There is something about Easter that I just love.  We didn’t really celebrate this in the Adventist church growing up… yet I love how most churches have their special services.  I love Easter Sunday, the celebration of Christ rising up from the grave… the songs that that shout out praises.

Usually this is a family weekend.  Being as my in-laws are Adventist… this is not a special weekend… and often than not they are not here.  We will get together Sunday… but there will not be that specialness to it.

I know that for many families this will be like or as big as Christmas.   I look forward to our family growing as the boys grow up, bring home wives and babies.  As I think of that, I wonder if we will ever live in a small little house as how will they all fit?

Ah, my mind is just wandering.

Life is good.


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