Sanj and I have come to the conclusion that we are just too old to parent a 6 year old.  Parenting should come with a warning…. well, lots of warnings, really but the one I am talking about is when thinking of a baby at the age of 36 … there should be an alarm that rings…

When you are 42… this child will be 6 years old.

Or in Sanj’s case… when you are 46… 6 years old.

When you are 50… this child will be 14 years of age.

Or in Sanj’s case… when you are 50… 10 years of age

Or maybe the reality is that this warning should really sound it’s alarm when there is a Joshua being thought of!

Yesterday Josh came home and during dinner mumbled something to me about going to the principal’s office because he didn’t come in from recess.  The story I got from him was that his sidekick convinced him to “hide” when the bell rang and recess was over… and not go in.

Hum… when I asked the Principal about it, he added that in the midst of tears Josh said,
“I hate you.”

Oh dear.

Today we went to school, “understanding” that what he did was wrong… and ready to apologize to his Principal and Teacher.

Josh goes up to the Principal and as I nudge him he says, “What am I suppose to say again?”  (Insert an unhappy looking mom…)

After we got it all out… the Principal made the point that he hoped that Josh understood that he needed to make decisions in spite of those his friend make.

I said, “Josh, if your friend were to jump off a bridge, you wouldn’t do that, would you?”

Josh answers: “Yes I would.  I like jumping off bridges.”

Hum … glad the point went home.


As I was retelling Sanj this story, he sighs his exasperated sigh and says, “I am too old to parent Josh.”

*** Despite the funny in this story… Josh was reprimanded, punished and lectured till his eyes rolled into the back of his head.  We’ll see what happens.

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    oh boy you have your hands full

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