Fill-er Up!

Have you seen the gas prices lately?

Well, I thought I’d make you feel better… I just filled up my 12 passenger junk-mobile…  Fill-er-up… and ended  up paying $148!!!

The Boys will be eating Kraft Dinner all month! lol

How sick is that?

Not a great time to be driving a big bus around.  Sammy has the right idea… he has taken to long boarding around town.


Last  night we were laying in bed and Max was with us chatting up a storm.  He would have made a great only child!

Max was talking to Sanj and then looked at me, startled!

“Did he just snore?” Max asked, with disbelief.

Sanj was talking to him and the next second was snoring.
Max looked at me and said, “That’s what the Seniors at the Seniors Centre did!”

(Max’s class goes to the Seniors Center to adopt a grandparent kind of thing).

That response had ME laughing out loud!

My poor Sanj…   lol This morning he claim to not be snoring but to have had a sleep apnea episode! lol

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