Happy Easter!

I love Easter!

I like the Friday evening service but love the Sunday morning service much better.

It’s kind of like the Easter story… Friday programs are so melancholy …  just like the death of Jesus.  Yet… I love the Sunday morning service of hope, joy and celebration and the songs that reflect all that hope!

There is such hope in the Easter story.  There is such hope in Christianity.  Don’t you think?  Well, unless you are not a believer in this… then I am sure you have a whole different spin.

This is one of those weekends if you are not sure what the whole Christianity is about… it’s a great time to check it out.

Many churches go all out this weekend.  I love that.  There is a church in town doing The Big Egg Hunt.  10,000 eggs to be found at the Beavermead Park… How cool is that?  This is always a big event at my brother’s church, if you are in the area.

I keep hearing the hymn, “He Lives…”  remember that one from back in the day?

Thank You, Jesus, for being this amazing God… for coming here to this world that is so imperfect, dying for us, feeling heartbreak, being human, so that we can know victory in You!

I am so grateful.

I love You.

So Much.



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