It’s Saturday… One More Sleep!

It’s a rainy, grey day… the kind that may make you feel like doing laundry and curling up and reading a book…

Yet… we are up, making and eating pancakes with real maple syrup (thanks to some of Sanj’s patients), with turkey bacon and strawberries.  We are showering and dressing for a day out in the big city, Toronto.  The Blue Jays are calling our name… our first baseball game of the year (and probably our last, lol).

Then there is the draw to The Marche, a yummy restaurant that is a smorgasbord of foods that just tease and taunt you in to confusion of what you want to eat.  It’s the kind of place that has foods from all over, curries, meats, soups, pastas, pizzas, steak just to tease you with a few choices… and then there is the crepes!  Oh my goodness… and they are huge!  They are mouthwatering and sinful, truly!  My favorite are the crepes with strawberries and bananas in the middle with ice cream and chocolate sauce over the top!

Craziness, eh?

I love long weekends.  I love days that are spent with all of us together.  This morning one by one, the boys came crawling into our bed… which is a king but feels like a twin.  There is enough room for three to fit without fighting… then the fourth child comes in, plants his little bottom on the top of a clothes basket.  Then the fifth child comes in,  it’s Sammy, who will squish himself where there is no space… he crawls horizontal over our heads, on the pillows.  The complaining starts… and then the last child comes in, and plops on the top of his dad, yet his body is not confined to just Sanj and the complaining begins.  The others are chattering about the games last night.  Who… which… when… and why of the hockey teams are left in the fight to the finish in the playoffs.

Me… I add my two cents.  I am not a fan of sports.  Yet, I, being the only female in all the testosterone that floats around, will not be left out.  So, I have my picks:  Detroit, whom all true Canadians hate… because I love their jerseys.  They have the loveliest red uniforms!  I love them!  So, I am cheering for the Detroit Red Wings… I also know that they are a pretty good team… and so I stand a chance of my team lasting longer than others.  Then there is the Washington Capitals…  this is my first choice team… Jason Arnott… I find him nice to look at… in his uniform. lol (of course not as cute as my Sanj…) SO… Go Caps Go!!!  Of course, these reasons stand to only infuriate the real hockey fans that inhabit my home… so that makes my pick and the reasoning behind them perfect! lol

All in a day…  I love my family.  I love the gift of being together.  I love and appreciate the gift of health… as I heard this week of a family whose son was diagnoised with a rare form of cancer.  I love being happy… even though that comes with noise, lots of noise.

It’s really is the little things that count, isnt’ it?  This morning, awakening to a freezing room, because I left the window open a crack, I was able to shuffle down the stairs, push a button and hear the heat click on.   I was able to open my fridge and take out the ingredients to a yummy breakfast and feed all the bellies in my house.  I am able to hold all my babies in my arms and tell them I love them.  (Sanj had a patient this week come in with  ALS… unable to do the basics for herself).

Yes, Life is Good… God is Good.  He’s the best!

Happy Saturday… Tomorrow He ROSE again!

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