It’s Easter Sunday!

Today is the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection!

Have you been  thinking of the Easter story?  I often think of Peter as the disciple I identify the most with.  I feel so sorry for him.  I feel like he gets a bad rap… for denying Jesus… three times.   Yet… really, if I was there and I am being really honest with myself, I am not sure I would have done much different.  I feel the love Peter had for Jesus.  Peter loved Him with such a passion!  Peter cut off a solider’s ear!!!  That’s how much he loved Jesus!  And yet, I think that like any human, Peter didn’t want to be pointed at,  be considered weird, and so he denied knowing Jesus.

Have you ever done that?  Snubbed someone that was different and not accepted by the popular group, if you will?  I have.  I hate myself, still for doing this… and this was a long time ago.  Despite the fact that she was the only person in my immediate everyday world that accepted me, truly for who I was… a loser, unpopular, strange… I hate that when the “cooler” people interacted with me, I pretended to not notice the hurt look, the bewildered pain of walking away from her.

Mean!  Cruel!  Loser!  How could I have done this?  Why did acceptance matter so much of others?  Why was her acceptance of me not enough?  ARGH!  I hate that I hurt this person… some one that really got me, loved me and accepted me through all the ugly times.

As a grown woman, I have tried to find her.  I haven’t been able to.  Actually, I really believe that I have her correct number and have left many a message… “Call me back...”  and yet, I have never got a call back.  What can I say?  Sorry?  The only purpose that would serve would be to make me feel better.  It won’t take away the hurt.  It want erase the sting.  I can never undo the pain I caused.

I wonder since Jesus knew Peter would do this, did it hurt Jesus any less?  And poor, dear Peter!  How his heart must have felt, that sick dropping of his gut, knowing that he had done just as Jesus said he would.

I can’t wait to meet Peter!  I bet we are kindred spirits.   I love his passion!  I love that Peter WHACKED off someone’s ear!!!  His love for Jesus was so strong!  I love that Jesus understood Peter so well.  Jesus understood Peter’s passion and his weakness.

Heaven… is going to be one great bedtime story after another!  Can  you imagine?

I’m so glad that despite Peter, despite the short comings that Jesus knew Peter had,  he was still chosen as one of the disciples.  It gives me hope…

I suppose that is The Easter Story… a gift of hope!

Hope your Easter is a special one!


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  1. Martha says:

    I love this line “Heaven… is going to be one great bedtime story after another!”
    No, I can’t imagine but I can’t wait.

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