Left Out.

I remember the first time my first child was left out of being part of a birthday party… I couldn’t even believe it was for real… as I really believed that a parent wouldn’t allow exclusion.

It really sucked seeing my kid hurt like that.

I expect all grown up to be just that, grown ups.

Today, I discovered that a group of ladies went out to lunch to celebrate a friend of mine’s birthday and I wasn’t invited.  Wow… I have to admit, it was not a nice feeling.  It would appear it was intentional, since everyone else was there… and since my friendship with the birthday girl is known.

I felt very hurt.  I felt anger.  I felt like hurting back.  I wanted to tell Sanj… my “go to” person and yet hesitated for a moment knowing that he will put this person in his black list forever… and he does hold grudges.  Don’t hurt one of his people.

I was right.  He was very upset.

I went to my birthday friend and said, “I wasn’t invited… that’s why I wasn’t there.”

I knew it was not her fault.

I know that the one that did the inviting… could have innocently left me out.  Yet that seems highly unlikely since she went out of her way to invite people… outside of the norm.

OK… I’m letting it go.  I know… I need to hold my friends close but my enemies closer. I got her number!  I wish her zits… the big red juicy kind, that if you pop them, they scar.  Yes!

My inside thoughts really want to come out … but I am really trying to silence them.


I’m sure someone will read this and go tatter tale to someone.

So I’ll end.

My feelings were hurt.


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