Family… there are so many quotes on this. “Family (n) people who share a common start but (sometimes) grow to share a common heart,” is one of my favourites.

When I look around me, I see so many friends whose siblings are someone they meet up with on the holidays.  This is usually attached with some guilt.  Yet, being siblings isn’t a guarantee that you will be friends.  If you are one of the lucky ones that calls your sibling a friend, you are blessed.

I struggle with this because I want my kids to be friends.  They don’t have to be each other’s best friend, but I want them to have that special relationship.  I appreciate all your comments of encouragement on this topic.  And… I will continue to pray that my boys will be blessed with the gift of brotherhood, as the get older.

This weekend I went away to Michigan.  I hooked up with one of my besties and had that uninterrupted girl time that is just simply such a gift.  We always pick up where we left off.  The walls just come down when it is the two of us and we have the commonness of struggling through rough childhoods.

Life took us down two different paths.  Her path was to have a family at a young age.  Eventually she was a single mom who through determination and grit, gave her boys everything they needed.   She has two lovely boys that are both in university.  She is someone that I admire as she had many obstacles to over come and only had herself and God to tackle those bumps.  Yet, she always forged ahead.  Now, she has a Masters after her name and is starting to adjust to the Empty Nest phase.

Over the years, we have been there for each other.  She never judged my mistakes and always listened and gave me a shoulder if I needed that.

Our time together is precious.  We laugh a lot.  We know how to play.  We never worry about who is watching us.  No tears this trip… that was nice.  We are both in a good place in life.  We can both appreciate being in such a place.  We both know that isn’t to be taken forgranted  and know how to relish it.

Friends are the family we choose!

I love that.

My 3rd year of university I was invited to live with the Dean of Men and his family.  They had two munchkins, a boy, Jonathan and a little girl, Jessica.  I moved in and was to  help with kids when the parents were working etc.  What I didn’t know was how this move, that helped me financially, too, would be life changing.

Dave and Ju… the mom and dad… had the kind of home that was always opened to everyone.  Sabbath lunch was a constant.  Ju cooked every Friday … lasagna, macaroni salad, green bean casserole… this was a staple.  Sometimes there would be rice with peas and curry. (YUM)!  There was an open door policy… there were always students over.  There was always laughter and you couldn’t help but feel loved.

This family, whom I lived with for around 5 years, was a gift from God.  It was how God showed me His love, family and normalness.  He gave me a home away from my home, knowing  how much I would need it.

At my writer’s retreat, one of the questions was, “Who is your main character in your story (me) jealous of?” My discovery was that I was jealous of my brothers, especially Kumar, because he always, from the time he was born had me.   I was jealous because I did not have anyone… a constant who was a parental figure…

Until I met the Knight family and they made me one of their daughters.  I loved that even after I left the university, when I was not sure where to go, I could go home to their house.  It is the place that I felt safe and taken care of.  I still feel this way.

Jess… that little girl that I once babysat, towers over me, just graduated with her Masters this weekend.  I have to admit, there was a moment,  Sunday afternoon, as Dave and Ju and myself, drove around neighborhoods looking at houses for fun… that I was delighted to be there alone, without my babes, who have come to love Uncle David and Auntie Juliet as I do… I didn’t want to share.  I was so content, feeling safe, relaxed and loved.

I loved having Sunday night with this family, watching a movie, like we so often used to do.  I loved that my history is and will always be connected to them.  I love that Jess and Jono are like my kid brother and sister.  I love the affection that is there between us… so natural and real.

Friends are the FAMILY we choose!

I am so grateful to the Knights for choosing me and loving me.  This is a gift I can never repay… except to pay it forward to others that come into my life.

Dearest Jesus,

Thank you for my gifts.  They are in abundance.  They are priceless.  Thank you for knowing what I need and always providing it.  Thank you for the countless friendships that have changed my world.  Thank you for the Knights.   You know they have touched so many lives.  I know You will continue to overflow their cups.

I love you, Jesus.

Help us to be open to those lives around us, never knowing how will can change someone’s world.

I am so grateful, God.  You have overflowed my own cup with Your unending mercies.

Thank you.


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  1. Leola Durant says:

    It is simply wonderful to read your expressions of the love and caring you have for the friendships in your life that you hold dear to you.

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