Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.

I remember being in 6 or 7th grade, at church, where we were talking about heaven and how great it would be to go there. I also remember thinking I really hope that Jesus does not come yet. I wanted to get married and have children before I went to heaven.

All grown up (well, I realize that is debatable) I am ready. Heaven… although many times the idea of heaven and living forever can overwhelm me, I am ready for that peace that is promised. I am ready for the promise of healthiness, happiness and hope.
As I begin to age in ways I have no control, as I watch people I love struggle with sickness and suffering, I begin to really yearn for heaven.

As I watch my kids slowing leaving innocence and childhood behind and feeling helpless to keep them from the hurts that are going to come their way, I am ready for heaven. I know that it is what strengthens them and makes them grow but I would rather skip all that. I wish that I could shelter them from a broken heart. That is a pain you just don’t forget.

I would like to keep that disappoint of not fulfilling a dream. I would just loved the passion in which Tyler loved hockey. He really believed that he would play in the NHL. I watched as reality slowly hit. It was kind of sad. Dream big but be ready for reality.

So as I think of all this I really just want heaven. I want to meet God, ask Him the 100,000,000 questions and know that it was all in His plan. No more doubt, just peace that passes all understanding. I can’t wait.

And God, for all those kids now that are wanting you to wait till they get married… Please don’t listen to them! Thanks!

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  1. robert says:

    Interesting testimony, Reema. Your mention of "Heaven Came Down," John Peterson's gospel song, caught my eye (today being the 88th anniversary of his birht). If you'd like to know the story behind that song, you can find it on my daily blog, Wordwise Hymns this morning. God bless.