Our weekend away…

I had a very weird weekend. So much happened and nothing happened. I enjoyed quiet time immensely. I miss that. It is different to have that quietness away from home, in a very cold room with comfy blankets and nothing around that reminds me of a list of endless tasks awaiting my attention.

I enjoyed a bit of shopping. I have a reputation as an shopaholic. This is true to some degree, it is accurate of me in the past. Josh is not a tolerant child that allows me to stroll through a mall. So over the last years this has changed. When I mentioned it to Sanj, He said, “people say that because your eyes light up when you talk about shopping”. Fair enough. I do enjoy shopping, but wish others would understand that there are many other sides to my personality. I love shopping for others, my famly, surprising them with a little something. Besides, shopping for a family of 8 naturally makes you a shopaholic.

The spa part was nice, but left me with a little too much free time and trapped at a golf course with no means of escape. I did get a lot of reading done. But wished I had thought to bring the laptop, blogging would have been great.

I mostly enjoyed being with Sanj. Of course this was a business trip, so I found myself having to sharing him with half the world of hearing specialists.

What I enjoyed most was reconnecting with Sanj. Last night we had such a heart to heart. It was so good. We talk all the time but sometimes we don’t have time to ‘really talk”. I love him so much. I am so blessed to have him in as part of my life.

I am growing each day, and making new discoveries about myself. I want to be free of the past yet learn to embrace what the past has made me today.

It was a good weekend. I am now back to reality. Wonder what we can do next weekend?

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One Response to Our weekend away…

  1. em says:

    Again, you remind me of myself. But here is one thing that I think others will be jealous of US for. We both have wonderful men in our lives – men who are strong, yet gentle; wise; intelligent and very patient. Men who loves us not only in spite of our pasts, but BECAUSE OF OUR PASTS!!!! We may not have been blessed with these wonderful men if we had "easy" upbringings. If I had my choice, I'd stick with the shitty upbringing to have the blessings of today.
    Love ya, Chickie!!