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Sammy Sukumaran

I’m spending the night with 12 males… Lord have mercy!

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This evening was spent with my boys and one of their friends.  They each invited a buddy… we went to get pizza and then saw Kung Fu Panda 2. I was on my phone updating my status on Facebook to read “I’m spending the night with 12 males… Lord have mercy!” Then I posted it.  Then I realized that it was not posted on my page.   Sammy had signed in and didn’t sign out!  Oops… this is what was posted on Sammy’s Wall!

Insert here heart pounding delight of a little payback …

I was dying!  As I verbalize what had just happened, the van full of boys… busted out laughing so hard!!!  Sammy was appalled! He couldn’t help but laugh a little too despite his discombobulation at what his peers may think and say!

Me… I loved it.

I have warned them and warned them to sign out of my phone and sign me back on… just a little pet peeve of mine to get on my phone and have to constantly log in.

Hum… we’ll see if this lesson sunk in!

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