A Blah Kind of Day…

It was a weird day today…

It was rainy and grey… made me unsure if I was cold or not.  I was so sleepy today too.  Not sure what that was about but something is off.  My hair is falling out in chunks again too.

I spent the day trying to finish up things on my TO DO list.  One of the things was to fill out the Census form.   Do you know how many times I had to write Sukumaran???

I am reading the newest of Confessions of a Shopaholic, MiniShopaholic… and as silly and funny as the character is… I see a lot of myself in her, which scares me.  Maybe I am a reformed shopaholic as I really do not go out and buy like I used to.

Right now, though, I am wanting to redo (or finish) our bedroom.  It needs to be repainted… and pretty much needs a overhaul.  I want to do this right away.  I looked at the curtains that I bought on a whim, 4 of them, which I ended not really liking.  They have been sitting in the corner.  I lost the receipt and was hesitating to take them in, feeling pretty sure that they had gone on sale and would be worth only half the price… and then I’d be stuck using them.  I muttered a prayer… asking God if He could just work His magic and let them be still full price… (God does care about the little stuff too, you know…) and I was so delighted that they were!  So, as Sanj hates when I think this way… but it was like having a stash of cash (or credit as the case was) for a rainy day! 🙂

The bedding I want, though is a white background… and with the boys always hanging out on my bed… I am so hesitant.  I plan to paint this room a deep red… and accessorize in the dark browns, which is what our furniture is made of.

I need my room to be cozy and right now  it so isn’t.

This weekend I am letting the boys have a sleepover… meaning that each can invite a friend… that means I need to be on top of things… to actually have food in the house for the kiddies! 🙂  My own kids have become pretty good at forging! 🙂  At some point this weekend, we will go and see the Kung Fu Panda 2… the boys have been waiting for this to come out.

We are thinking of whether to buy a new vehicle for me or not… my van is a piece of poop.  I live with the fear of it just quitting at the most inconvenient moment.  I really want just a regular (well… maybe a little nicer than the regular) mini van.  This is doable… especially since the boys are done with car seats and just Josh remains using a boaster seat.  Yet this would mean not having an extra seat… especially when my mom is here visiting or for the extra friend.

That leaves another 12 passenger… which I will not willingly by a GM again.  They are horrible.  We have 2 vehicles… one that is considered a more luxary vehicle and they are nothing but trouble.  So… that leaves me with the Sprinter… that has a Mercedes engine… and make I believe… and seems to be sturdy.  Yet… the boys are opposed to this vehicle.  They seemed even more bothered when I said I’d put my blog picture on the side of the vehicle. lol  I don’t see what the problem is!!!

Actually this is looking more and more appealing to me.  There is cargo room, which my 12 passenger lacks badly… throw in a couple of screens for a movie and we could have a mobile movie theatre! 🙂


I need to check my lotto tickets.  Maybe I could just buy one of those crazy stretch limos!


Happy Grey’s Night!

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