Goodbye Oprah!

Goodbye and Thanks… Oprah!

As I am sure many you did… I grew up watching The Oprah Show.  I was just a teenager… and this was something my brother and I did together.

I learned so much from this show, just like so many others.  Over the years, I stopped watching with regularity… due to the busyness of life and at some point, just didn’t get into it over the last decade as she changed.

Yet… I have this soft spot in my heart for the show.  To me, it really was life changing.  I can remember exactly were I was, how the room looked as I watched Oprah and learned that my mom was a battered woman.  I learned that life didn’t have to be that way.  I learned that there was a way out.  It was a life changing moment for me as I realized that I could have a good life with out the fear and pain.  It was a goal I had very early on.

The other thing that I learned from the Oprah show was that despite my up-bring… in spite of my parents and their  choices… I was in control of my own future.  There was no room for excuses.  My childhood did not define my adulthood.

I love that!


It was life changing.

I loved so many stories I heard… of my fellow humans.  I remember one that I will never forget… a young mom… diagnosed with terminal cancer spent her time making videos for her child/ren so that when they reached each milestone… she was there too.  I remember crying as I watched.  I remember begging God to never take me away from my children, and I was just a teenager.  I remember thinking of the selflessness of this lady… how much it must hurt her to make these videos… and yet she maintains a smile as she taped each one.

I could go on… there are so many stories that truly touched me… and yet… as I watched Oprah today say goodbye… I felt a sadness.  I won’t lie… she, Oprah got on my nerves many a time… but I still appreciated her and her gift of doing what she did.  So as she said goodbye… I am so thankful for this forum that taught me so much.

So… all the best… and thanks, Oprah!

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