I love days that allow for nothing and everything to happen.

After enjoying the long weekend, my 4 younger ones had the day off school today… a PD Day.  Of course as it happens, I had a doctor’s appointment for me booked.  I probably said, “Book me anytime between Tuesday-Thursday, I’ll be kid free.” Ha!

It was the long awaited appointment with my specialist to help me deal  with my painful cramps and temperamental uterus.  He seemed surprised and a little disappointed that the ablation procedure didn’t work.  I wish he knew how I felt!!!

When he asked me my thoughts, I told him that my baby making days are over… and since my monthly is truly debilitating, I am ready to just be done with it.

October 11 is the date.

I felt a little queasy as he was describing the procedure.  I really don’t want to know… just do it, please.

I picked after summer so that the kiddies are back in school… full time… all of them! Wow… what a difference that will be for me!  Most people may add, “God Willing…” my thought was “Josh willing!” lol

So… after months, make that years of hurting… I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wanted to ask if he could suck out some of my belly fat while he was doing his thing… but he, my doc, is kind of intense… so I kept my thoughts inside my head! 🙂

I know have this prayer running through my head…

Dear God,

Please keep me safe in surgery. Please being me out of surgery safe and sound.


I have watched too many hospital shows… you know where the loved ones are waiting in the room for news.. and the doctor comes in, removes his scrub cap and looks sadly at the family.


October 13th.

Could you remember me in your prayers?

I’m thinking this monumental event should call for a party!  Maybe a pre-op party!  Just to keep my nerves in check!


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