It’s Monday… usually I do not like a Monday but today I am home!

I usually would not add an exclaimation mark after saying that I am home today, but it has been a long time since I have been just home.  There is so much to do that I haven’t been around to do.  Just after a weekend, the house is usually left like a bomb exploded… and there is always laudry to sort through and stuff that I need to sort through…etc.  Since we will be having a ton of company at the end of the month… I am feeling a little bit more motivated.

Did I mention my boys (some of them) are getting baptized?  We are doing the service in our yard, in our little pool (which I’d better set up and make sure there are no leaks… ) and then a BBQ to celebrate the boys’ decision and the end of school, the start of summer.

It has been interesting for me to go through this journey with the boys… especially being raised an Adventist and moving away from a specific faith and raising my boys to love Jesus and understand the meaning of being a real Christian has been such a journey for me.

I have been frowned upon, dismissed, and chastised if you will by many for this choice… and for a while I felt hurt from that response.  Yet as I have studied with the boys, as we talk about why and what of our faith… I have learned so much.

I have learned that rather than being hurt, I feel pity for those that do not have an open mind.  I feel embarrassed (and saddened) for behaviors of those (especially family) that put themselves above others just because they believe their “faith” is superior.

I find it fasinating that many know that some of the doctrines they grew up with are weak and yet still due to “tradition” follow because it is easy.  I am sometimes in shock of what I learned as a child is still with me, even though I know it not to be true.

An example of this.. my father taught us over and over… If you do something wrong and don’t ask for forgiveness, you will not go to heaven. Yet… as much as I know this is not true… I still struggle with that thought often.  I still feel guilt over sins that I have done… and have asked forgiveness over and yet… worry over my salvation.

It is so hard for me to re-train my head to know that I will be saved because of and through Jesus’ love.  I find it hard to remember that Jesus isn’t looking at my daily mistakes and waiting for me to fail and remember to ask for forgiveness.

What a relief!

Do you ever find yourself dreaming of heaven?  Of leaving all this “stuff” here on earth and just living as we were meant to?

I do.

And I know in my heart that God has a special place there just for me… and you.  It isn’t about my works… about my deeds… but about my heart.

As I raise my boys with this thought, this knowledge, I am relieved to know that they don’t have to worry about their deeds… but they are loving Jesus and it is that simple.

I am raising my boys to be respectful of all religions and beliefs … that one is not better than another.

I wonder is some will be surprised at all the various faiths there will be in heaven?

I am so grateful for the freedom there is in Jesus… not in a church.

I am teaching my boys about being a Christian.

I am teaching my boys to love Jesus.

Really, it is that simple.

I love that!

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  1. Rena Ridley says:

    It will be a wonderful celebration of God’s pouring Himself into your family. I truly believe that many people can not see the source of salvation BECAUSE of their eyes fogged over with tradition and acceptance of what Satan, not God, has placed in their lives.
    We need to let go and let God!

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