Have you every walked by someone that is just weird? They stick out because they look odd or smell funky? Maybe they dress with no knowledge that some body parts were better left to the imagination. You know what I mean, right? Like some ladies that wear their jeans so tight that you have no doubt they ARE women looking at them in the front. How can you sit?

How about those plain ole ANNOYING people you can not escape from? Maybe at work or church or play group? Do they ever listen to themselves? How can THEY live with themselves? How can they not know?

How about people that have no people skills? No idea of how to fit in a group or just be?

Obviously if we are honest, we have these people in our lives daily. If you are cursed, then you work with one every day and there is no way out… until retirement or a Workman’s Comp incident (Hum… there is an idea..).

I have so often found myself annoyed with such a person or wondered how they can live so clueless?

It is so easy to dislike the weird or judge them. Yet these are the same kind of kids that I am always lecturing my kids to be kind to, encouraging them to include them in their play…etc. Hum… yet again I find myself pausing. How come it is so easy to teach the “right thing” but what a nuisance it is to practice!

As I watched someone the other day, a bum on the sidewalk, I was hit with the fact that God loves this person. Sin was the reason for all the stuff that make people weird. Or what if I was that person? What if I had that birth mark that everyone stares at yet I didn’t have a choice … I was just born with it. That would suck.

So as I notice people that are different… I have really tried to think of God, and how much I believe that He loves me. And then when I try to place God’s love on those people it does make me look at them differently.

I would not want someone to judge me based on the fact of my looks or appearance. Check out this guy… my brother met him at an airport and of course took his picture. He is a motivational speaker whose message is tolerance and acceptance.

Talk about weirdos and odd people… yet who would think he was anything more than a scary biker? Don’t judge a book by its cover, eh?

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