How badly I have needed to write… and yet I didn’t have access to internet and WiFi for the last 4 days and I forgot to grab a notebook.

Maxwell, my sweet, easy going #4 child was admitted on Sunday afternoon… with major vomiting of anything within a few minutes of entering his tummy.  There were  IV stresses, harder due to his dehydrated state… and add that I HATE needles… I told him to squeeze my hand if he wanted to and yet ended up squeezing his hand so hard as they stuck him that I am not sure which hurt more! lol  There were the rounds of X-rays, the barium swallow, ultrasounds and blood work…  all which showed up normal (Thank you, Jesus).

(Max, feeling at home, notice the socks on the floor already!)

Then there was the admitting, the realization followed by the scamble of how how to make life continue for the other 5 boys as smoothly as possible.  There is the constant fear of what if?  There is the realization that a cot will be my bed for the night(s).

When you have a family our size.. it really does take a village when life presents a bump in the road.  We are so blessed to be part of an amazing community… that goes above and beyond to lend a hand.

It is humbling and overwhelming all together.

Each of my boys has a family that I know I can call and “farm them off” if needed… that is so reassuring knowing that they are happy to be off… especially on a school night.  The others came and hung out in the room with Max, playing Wii.. they had there.  I was usually kicking Sanj and the boys out every night as they battled each other on the Wii every night.

(Brotherly bonding over a little Wii.)

It’s been a rough few days, I won’t lie.  I am not cut out to deal with vomit, period.  And yet, the last days I have been handling it ALOT!  My own stomach has been feeling off… but I realized it is just stressed with the constant handling of the vomit.

Max is a trooper.  He is brave… resilient and calm.  He is patient and tolerant.  I am so grateful of his calm nature in dealing with this… it has made it so much more bareable.

The verdict was still possibly reflux or viral gastroporesis… which means they are not sure what to do then let it run it’s course.

The nurses on the ped floor were fabulous.  They were so kind, gentle and reassuring.  They went out of their way to make our stay there alright.  They gave tips on what to ask the doctor or called him themselves.


We are home.  Yesterday, Max had a really good day.  It felt so good to leave and come home.


The vomiting has started again… so we will see where we go…

and yet through all this God has showed His goodness through the notes of encouragement and the promise of prayers on behalf of Max.

Thank you!

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