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Today is a big day for me…

Drum Roll ♩♫♬♬♬♩♩♩…

Today I stepped on the scale that awaits me every morning (yes, I know I shouldn’t weigh myself everyday… but I do)  and alas… the numbers finally showed what I have been awaiting a very long time for…  I am finally at the number that I was before I had Josh!  Wahoo!

It’s no secret I hate exercising and have a love affair with food… so the battle of the bulge is pretty pathetic!

Now… I still have a bit to go before I reach the number or look I have in mind.  Sammy asked me, as he heard me bragging to my brother, “Are you as small as you were before you had me?” Hum.. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!  I was a size 0…  and couldn’t gain weight even if I try!  That’s not my issue now… trust me!

Anyways… I was pretty delighted.  It may not a significant difference to those that see me everyday… but I hope when my brother comes for the baptism… he’ll say.. Wow…Great job!  (Hint)

It’s been a rough week emotionally… I was feeling pretty beat up.  Yesterday, since as my shorts were literally falling down… I decided it was time for some retail therapy.

I am looking for something to wear to Josh’s SK graduation.  This is  MY LAST ONE that will jump the rope into Grade 1.  🙁  How is that possible?  And yet I am ready … I think).

So, this morning I went to the mall having an hour to kill before I had to pick up one of the boys for an appointment.

I met a former Rhema mom in the food court.  They were at our school just one year… we ended up chatting and she was very helpful in helping me find things to try on.

We got talking about breast reductions. (Don’t ask why…)  I told her I had one before Josh… and as she asked if there was too much scarring.  I was wearing a button down shirt and before I could think it through, showed her my nipple.. discreetly, of course.   (Well, I hope it was discreet… the store was pretty empty).
My Filter failed me.  I asked her something and she said, “Well, you just should me your nipple.. so I am sure it is fine.”

Oh dear… I guess until she said that I didn’t even clue in that this could have been  uncomfortable.  Yet, she said that just made her really like me… lol

Sanj, on the other hand, was appalled.

Of course, I do live to see his appalled looked! lol

Sigh.  I am struggling a bit with my diabetes, which means I need to go in and see my doctor and really get serious about exercising 30 minutes at day.  That seems to be the only way my sugars stay in the range their are suppose to be.

Genetics can suck.

I am rambling… but it feels good.  Big storm last night… lots of trees down, power outage everywhere and the boys were sent home at noon due to these issues… especially the lack of water!  My lunch plans were put on hold… It can be a full time job keeping up with all my buddies. lol

Since it is 14 days till school’s out, I am not going to feel guilty about my little time outs.

Yikes… how did it get to only 14 days?

OK… I am off.


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  1. Emily says:

    You never cease to amaze me. Sometimes I feel like I am reading my own thoughts and actions when I read your blogs. I also had a breast reduction and would think nothing of showing someone the scars (which are almost non-existant) if they were curious. I think it’s partly because I work in the operating room where I see naked people all day long. A naked body does not shock me anymore. I do not notice the “sexual” parts of a body now anymore than I notice the toenails or the belly-button fluff. It is all in a day’s work. I guess I must remember, though, that not everyone has this same experience on a day to day basis, and they will still see a naked body and “react”.
    I am also thrilled that you liked what you saw on the scale. I am also a daily weigher. I track my weight on a website called SparkPeople. If you look it up, say that I referred you. LOL (emilyulm1) I do not post the weight on the website, though, unless it is lower than the last time I posted. My goal is 120, and I finally made it into the 120’s a few days ago – 129.8!!!
    We need to live closer, girlfriend. We could walk together, run together, do weights together, and mostly share from the soul together!! Love you lots!

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