It’s summer!

It’s my all time favorite season… but not for reasons you would think… as the heat really does get to me and I never seem to be cool enough.  I love summer for the lackadaisicalness that it allows in my life.

I love the freedom of sleeping in… though  that hasn’t happened yet this week.  I love the freedom to say to the kids, “Let’s.… ” and we go and have an adventure.  I love that we can hang out with friends… especially me being the social creature that I am.  I love lazy meals of watermelon and BBQs.  I know this is going to disgust many… but I do love a hotdog… but know that they are made of things I probably don’t want to know … so I only have them every once in a while.  I love that we can run away on the weekends to mini vacations, if we choose.  I love wearing my summer uniform… shorts and tee-shirts with my flip-flops.  I love the cold treats… ice cream, freezies, slushies, popsicles… lemonade… actually I have a fondness for pink lemonade… yes, there is a difference!

I love summer.  I love all things that remind me of my carefree days of being young…especially my growing up years in Orlando… with my one time lost.. but found, thanks to Facebook, bestie, Heather.  We had so much fun.  I loved those years… ages 10-12… I had so much lightness…while I was playing… a break from the heaviness I’d often feel while I was at home.

I saw the ice cream truck, yesterday, while in TO with my younger boys… we were being tourists.  It was the last thing we did, stop at the ice cream truck… and the ice cream man was just like the ones that came by our neighborhood… he was so friendly and happy.  He was very wrinkly and grey… and yet he seemed to be playing rather than working.  I love him… and his obvious joy.  He must have been  retired and did this for fun.

(This is for sale… under $20,000… I mean Sammy gets his license in a few months… maybe this could be a joint adventure for the brothers… Hum…)

Seriously… I’d love that as a job.  Can you imagine driving the ice cream truck around… that happy music playing, kids of all ages looking at you, pointing, asking if they can have one?

Ok… I’m sure if Sanj reads this, it would disturb him that I have aspirations to be an ice cream truck person… but really it would be a hobby… so don’t worry, dear… I’m still working on the best seller! 🙂

Summer… How I love you!

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2 Responses to Summertime…

  1. Todd says:

    This is way to much, they sell these for 7000.00 1999 old bread trucks like this.

    good luck

  2. Todd says:

    I forgot to say look up ice cream truck on Ebay

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