Maximus Vomitious…

Ok… My Max is still vomiting.

Crazy, eh?  First of all, we have all the confidence in the people at Sick Kids Hospital… (it is one of the top 5 children’s hospitals in the world).  After being discharged, they have been active in looking for an answer for my Max.  Yesterday we went to Toronto for his barium swallow test.  Tuesday we go in again, for a MRI.  Tomorrow I’ll have made contact with the paediatric GI specialist who will be on his case.  So… if I add all the prayers being sent our way… I’m sure my Max will be on the road to recovery sooner than later.  Yet I must say, what a trooper this child of mine is.

Yesterday Max said two things, in particular that made me laugh so hard… and a little concerned his brain cells were oozing out as is his food.


After his upper GI test, Max was starving, having not been allowed to eat anything after midnight… and it was after 11 a.m. when we were finished… so we went down to the main lobby to meet his brothers… we decided to eat at the Subway there, before we hit the streets of Toronto, playing tourists.

Max looked at me and said, “Instead of the 6 inch turkey sub (his usual), I’m going to order a 12 inch… that way half will stay down and I’ll have had my usual 6 inch!”

Lol… my poor sweet boy!

The boys and I did the CN Tower, among other touristy things.  It was a  LONG wait… 45 minutes till we made it to the top of the tower.  Lots of people!  As we were in line, my Max comes to and says, “I just heard a guy whistle “Oh Canada” in French!”

I just looked at my Max… a little concerned.
“Max,” I asked, “How do you know it was in French?”

Max is still arguing that is was in French…. hum not believing that of course whistling “Oh Canada” is the SAME in French or English!!!

***To Mr. Savoy… You’re obviously doing a great job teaching French!

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