Happy Birthday, My Sweet Tyler!

Today my Tyler turns 15 years old.

I miss him.

He is away in Michigan at Serve ( a mission trip for Youth of sorts).

It feels weird not being about to hug him.

It feels weird not being able to say, ” I Love You!”

And yet… I am sending him all the love I have across the way.

I remember his birth…  I was prepared for the long haul.. since Sammy took 12 hours to come out.  I remember after labouring for just under 4 hours, the nurse came in and said, “Here he comes…”

I was so shocked and delighted!  I think it made me love him even more! lol

My Tyler was born with a big heart.  It is his greatest quality… his ability to love, to say sorry, to feel others hurts, … this child of mine is such a delight.

I miss you, My Sweet Tyler.

Happy Birthday my dearest boy.

I love you.

May God bless you with an incredible year.

I hope today was special for you!


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