Camping 101

I was unplugged for a few days.  So were my boys.

This was my favorite part of camping!

I loved that within minutes of parking at our sight, they were off on their bikes, exploring.  They don’t do this as much at home.

The yurt was great.  Definitely better than a tent.  It wasn’t luxurious, especially after the first night, my back was groaning a bit from those ‘beds.’  Yet it was definitely easier to keep things a bit more orderly.  The BBQ provided an easy out for cooking… so that I didn’t have to bother with our camp stove etc.

My boys loved  the fire.  I saw the fire shoot up… and heard giggling… that was the time they sprayed bug spray into it.  Then there was the monster marshmallow that ‘fell in’ and exploded into a creature of it’s own.  I’m sure the boys can teach a course on all things that fire will consume and all things it won’t.

There was the friendly chipmunk.. that Josh screamed in fear of.  Seriously, this child of mine, (insert my head shaking), you’d think was being raised in the city!  Max’s reaction to Josh’s fear, “Josh, your feet are bigger than the chipmunk!!!”

The boys caught salamanders (gross) and spotted a mole… which, in real life, is not so cute as the ones that are depicted on cartoons!  Jordan, in keeping with his character, went off fishing and caught 2 fish.

They played.  You know like we used to when we were kids… with sticks, making games up as they rode their bikes, explored why one of the “bathrooms” had caution tape closing it off… (apparently because someone really missed by a long shot… so gross).

They spent hours in the water… swimming out to the dock, jumping off, scaring me a few times as they bobbed their heads in the water, making me wonder if they were really in distress (they weren’t), as I wouldn’t have been happy to swim in that dark water to save them… though of course, I would have!

At night there was the shadow puppets, the typical fighting with sharing a bed, the discussion of why I just don’t go pee around the yurt, “no one’s looking…” and the moment they thought I was peeing around the corner, I heard, “Quick, get the camera!”


I had a really hard night the first night.   I knew sleep would elude me.. as it does when I am in a new place.  At one point, I saw this huge shadow in our window.  I sucked my breath in… a bear!  It smelled my fear!  I was petrified.  Do I scream?  It could be in the yurt in seconds, as it’s sharp claws could make the screen that separated us disappear without effort.  “

Dear God, What was  I thinking?  I am not a outdoorsy person!  Why did I think I could be that kind of mom?  Please Jesus, HELP US and KEEP US SAFE!!!

Since I am home, safe, blogging… God heard my desperate cries and keep the bear from having us as a snack (the bear or the shadow of the tree branch).

Thank You, Jesus!

My boys discovered their mom pees a lot.  One asked, “Is it because you had so many of us?

My favorite part was the moments around the campfire first thing in the morning.  I loved the quietness, the smell of the smoke… was like being wrapped up in a warm blanket.

My least favorite was the rain.  Yesterday as I was making supper, it down poured.  I sucked it up and carried on.  This morning in the middle of breakfast, with food out on the table, it again downpour.  Yuck.  I don’t like that kind of wetness.  When we made the decision to go home today as the forecast called for more rain and cooler temps, the rain kept us company as we packed up the gear.  This wasn’t fun.  There is muddy messy in my van, on the bedding, everywhere.

It’s all good though.  I really did enjoy it.  I enjoyed that time with the boys… though I am sure the ladies camping beside us weren’t sad to see us go, as the boys voices seemed to carry.

We came home to a bat flying about.  My poor sweet Josh was truly petrified.  He didn’t want to come in the house again.  Bats are truly such ugly things! Ugh.  Satan should have been represented by bats rather than snakes. Tyler was the hero… and whacked it good and got it in one try!

Ah… Camping … It was good.

Being home is good also.


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3 Responses to Camping 101

  1. Rena Ridley says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun, and scary things happened. You are so brave to attempt this by yourself. I love camping and can identify with what your were capturing. Even a rainy day, full of mud, is a memory and the shadows at night can be frightening. Glad you’re home safe again.
    We really need to get together. I want to hear all about your trip out east.
    P.S. I’m heading to Brampton to see my parents and will be returning tomorrow. I hope to join you guys and will look for you in the theatre if I get back in time.

  2. Cindy Ferguson says:

    I love yurts although I have been told that it isn’t real camping. (Don’t believe it). Camping is roasting marshmallows on an open fire, smelling like smoke, having every single piece of your clothing wet and loving the memories of kids having fun without electricity. Try “cabining” next. It is a little more civilized than “yurting”. I will give you the info on another great spot on the St. Lawerence river.

  3. Emily says:

    Sounds wonderful. I also don’t like camping. Good for you for taking the boys. Maybe one year I will come out and join you. The boys will see how much I pee too!!!

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