The Letdown

Free Falling…

Have you ever put some one on a pedestal?   Then you realize that they don’t deserve to be up there?  I suppose you realize your folly of even putting them up there.  Yet, they are just that kind of person, too good to be true.

Then you see the humanness in them.  They mess up.  They let you down.  Are they even real?  Have those words that come out so easily really meant anything?

I saw someone fall from that pedestal.  It kind of sucks.  They seemed so good.  They seemed bigger than life.  (That should have been my first clue).  They just seemed to fill those big shoes.

Then they didn’t live up to my thoughts and expectations.  They weren’t big expectations.  And yet, they failed.

I found myself questioning all that I thought to be true.

There aren’t that many people that are like this.

It’s kind of sad.

It’s a letdown.


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