blogging, watching, thinking…

i’m blogging and watching/listening to  my brother preach about esther.

it’s saturday and we have nothing on the agenda today.   we just went out last night with some friends we have reconnected with.  we had such a lovely time.  we came home and i think i was getting high from the smells of marijuana  that was being blown into our bedroom window from the neighbour kids as they were hanging out by the campfire. do you wonder where parents are?

i went shopping yesterday.  i found three dresses for me!  ok, that never happens.  usually when i need a dress, i can’t find one.  so when i found three i loved, i grabbed them up.  then i just stopped trying anymore on, or else who knows  how many more i could have liked!

retail therapy… it’s really the best kind of therapy.  i love finding lovely things.  i love clothes.  i love home stores.  my brother’s sermon is part of a sermon series called “restoration hardware” which is also a store.  i don’t know if we have it in canada… but i was browsing online and love their stuff.  they had these bird cages that were made into chandeliers, for the dining room.  don’t think it would work in our room but i love the idea!

i just saw my mom on my brother’s church’s web cam!  josh is thrilled.  my mom turns 75 tomorrow!  we are hoping to send her to india for her birthday in january when my brother goes there to speak.

i thought i’d type in all lower case today.  just a new look… or it goes with my mood… whatever that is… perhaps lackadaisical today.  i feel like shopping for the house.  for nick nacks.  but then i’d have to drag the boys along, since we are meeting sanj in a bit.  they wouldn’t appreciate it… and neither would i.

are you ready for back to school?  do you have any back to school traditions?

happy weekend!


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